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c a u g h t u p ! ! !


So last Tuesday, I came late at my Investigative Journalism class…well, it’s been a routine since I was freshman….and I consider it as a “natural phenomenon” in my academic life!  🙂

So the scene inside the classroom: someone occupied my seat for that day, the day I came late! Since I actually sit in the center aisle, I took the front seat ahead of that someone who occupied my chair. And for this terrible instance, I got sleepy and then finally close my eyes, forcing myself to act as if I was reading my notes…..but nah! I was never a good actor!

Since I was sitting in the center aisle in the third row, my professor eventually caught me sleeping….no good in my acting though! 😦

And you know what he did? He just smiled sarcastically – smiling as if he’s making me look like a fool!


by Wedenesday, it was just yesterday (30 July)….The class got the result for their PRELIM grades in this particular subject. Well, as I would proudly tell you, I was one among the three who got the TOP RANK…hahaha…good for me even if I often came late at this class….

I feel like caught up between the good and the bad!!!

– The END –


Technically speaking, I’ll turn at this “ultimate” stage of my teenage life by 11 pm….so to speak, I’m still on my present age, therefore not officially standing at that point where I will bid goodbye to the last year’s sweet-and-sour happenings of my life.

If people asked me how old or how young am I, I just proudly say ’17’…well, pretty much I deserved that though. It’s quite surprising that I, as a celebrator, didn’t cared too much for this very special day (17th July) since the 365-days in a year were all just an “ordinary day,” really…except for this day that I was supposed to celebrate my __th birthday! That is, it’s quite surprising that out of nowhere and out of the blue, people greeted me saying ‘Happy Birthday’ for nth time and this 2 simple words really make my day!

And wait, to be honest, birthday for me is just another day for work – I mean academic work, ’cause until now I am still preoccupied with paperworks, investigative reports due on Tuesday next week, interview questionnaire preparation, and nah!! THESIS!!! What adds up to these stressing work is that my mom and my brother were the “celebrator”




Well, more bithdays to come hopefully!


Thesis! Thesis! Thesis!……… still not the end!

Minutes from now since I and my thesis partner went to the Department to desperately consult on our “PROPOSED TOPICS” and “PROPOSED PROBLEM STATEMENT”…….well, I won’t elaborate anything on it but I must admit, we’re back to square one!

We’re so desperate to let this study be approved for we only had a week to accomplish the first chapter, and as it must happened, I took my ‘lunch’ by 3:30 in the afternoon all for the sake of waiting for the correction/revision/comments/suggestion of our study. Lucky to those whose study were just only “re-directed,” I don’t wanna sound so pathetic about this word since we’re not the only pair in the worldwide academe who have received this sour comment of “THIS IS A NO-VALUE STUDY.”

I supposed that we’re lucky enough to see the changes and corrections from our Thesis professor after all these revisions and hard-hitting comments…

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

Well, thesis, still not the end!

July 1st


July 1st

3 years have passed since I was rebuffed to join in this official student publication of this “prestigious” university….well, that’s all I can afford to take since I was a freshman student though…may be the Editorial Board at that time didn’t find me to be serious during the panel interview, or I supposed that it was strictly for “weird” and “super-gifted students” of my batch who can answer their upsetting questions about you and your plan to be part of that clan, publication I mean …tsk…tsk….tsk…


Later then that I realized that if things are REALLY MEANT for you, then it is indeed for you – maybe, by a good twist of faith! Should I put my 100 % seriousness on that nerve-wracking interview, then I assumed that I was writing feature stories for you!


Maybe I did not really worth that chance… pathetic!


It’s July 1st again!


3 fruitful years have passed, and right at this very moment, only 6 hours or so have passed since I and my news writer classmate were rejected from our study….


I was totally disappointed, REALLY!


Never ever in my college life did I imagine that someone will just “trash out” or “reject” our study right in front of us – in just a single snap, it was completely rejected – the study that we laboriously studied for 5 months were all marked up with, “THIS IS A NO-VALUE STUDY. WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT…….”





Those were the words…written with a red ink almost covering the entire first page of our proposal!



And to be honest……I GOT BLANKED!


The very first day of July seemed to have a “curse” in my academic life……I don’t wanna sound so dull and pathetic, but these gloomy July 1st phenomena seemed to recur unexpectedly……