July 1st


July 1st

3 years have passed since I was rebuffed to join in this official student publication of this “prestigious” university….well, that’s all I can afford to take since I was a freshman student though…may be the Editorial Board at that time didn’t find me to be serious during the panel interview, or I supposed that it was strictly for “weird” and “super-gifted students” of my batch who can answer their upsetting questions about you and your plan to be part of that clan, publication I mean …tsk…tsk….tsk…


Later then that I realized that if things are REALLY MEANT for you, then it is indeed for you – maybe, by a good twist of faith! Should I put my 100 % seriousness on that nerve-wracking interview, then I assumed that I was writing feature stories for you!


Maybe I did not really worth that chance…..how pathetic!


It’s July 1st again!


3 fruitful years have passed, and right at this very moment, only 6 hours or so have passed since I and my news writer classmate were rejected from our study….


I was totally disappointed, REALLY!


Never ever in my college life did I imagine that someone will just “trash out” or “reject” our study right in front of us – in just a single snap, it was completely rejected – the study that we laboriously studied for 5 months were all marked up with, “THIS IS A NO-VALUE STUDY. WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT…….”





Those were the words…written with a red ink almost covering the entire first page of our proposal!



And to be honest……I GOT BLANKED!


The very first day of July seemed to have a “curse” in my academic life……I don’t wanna sound so dull and pathetic, but these gloomy July 1st phenomena seemed to recur unexpectedly……






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