– The END –


Technically speaking, I’ll turn at this “ultimate” stage of my teenage life by 11 pm….so to speak, I’m still on my present age, therefore not officially standing at that point where I will bid goodbye to the last year’s sweet-and-sour happenings of my life.

If people asked me how old or how young am I, I just proudly say ’17’…well, pretty much I deserved that though. It’s quite surprising that I, as a celebrator, didn’t cared too much for this very special day (17th July) since the 365-days in a year were all just an “ordinary day,” really…except for this day that I was supposed to celebrate my __th birthday! That is, it’s quite surprising that out of nowhere and out of the blue, people greeted me saying ‘Happy Birthday’ for nth time and this 2 simple words really make my day!

And wait, to be honest, birthday for me is just another day for work – I mean academic work, ’cause until now I am still preoccupied with paperworks, investigative reports due on Tuesday next week, interview questionnaire preparation, and nah!! THESIS!!! What adds up to these stressing work is that my mom and my brother were the “celebrator”




Well, more bithdays to come hopefully!



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