c a u g h t u p ! ! !


So last Tuesday, I came late at my Investigative Journalism class…well, it’s been a routine since I was freshman….and I consider it as a “natural phenomenon” in my academic life!  🙂

So the scene inside the classroom: someone occupied my seat for that day, the day I came late! Since I actually sit in the center aisle, I took the front seat ahead of that someone who occupied my chair. And for this terrible instance, I got sleepy and then finally close my eyes, forcing myself to act as if I was reading my notes…..but nah! I was never a good actor!

Since I was sitting in the center aisle in the third row, my professor eventually caught me sleeping….no good in my acting though! 😦

And you know what he did? He just smiled sarcastically – smiling as if he’s making me look like a fool!


by Wedenesday, it was just yesterday (30 July)….The class got the result for their PRELIM grades in this particular subject. Well, as I would proudly tell you, I was one among the three who got the TOP RANK…hahaha…good for me even if I often came late at this class….

I feel like caught up between the good and the bad!!!


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