I am no psychologist!


But for the passed couple of months, all seemed relaxed….it’s as if nothing happened!

But in reality, I’d like to think that my mom was barely “slapped” over the letter I secretly put on her drawer more than two months ago.


That letter….marked my cowardly attitude as a ‘Communication’ student. I feel like an idiot, really. I couldn’t speak up…I could not express my wants and goal as a teenager…


That letter….contained nothing but pathetic words about how eager I am to pursue my passion in ‘that’ field


That letter….meant my lack of courage to speak up, to defend and to prove that I am eager, and therefore capable of to commit myself on such.


That letter….was the only answer and (I guess) my ultimate means to put my thinking into printed words, but never ever to verbalize it again.


I am deadly tired!!!


What I wrote to my mom:


….one thing is settled on me, I’ll still pursue, and therefore, continue my commitment in photography, period!


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