FREE Online Check-up!

If you, the one who’s’ reading this is deadly scared consulting face-to-face with your doctor, well I am too! But wait, you may feel somehow confused, anxious, amazed or a bit of everything consulting an online medical check-up than having been personally checked by a physician.

If there is this so-called online shopping in ebay or Amazon, well there is another hit in the cyberworld – an online medical symptom checker. Were you amazed that there is a symptom checker in the worldwide web?

De facto those sites such as,,, were just among the few health-related sites you can found on the web. And to be honest, I tried each of them.

What is so common among these sites are the options which will asked you which of your body part/s is/are affected or something that you feel wrong and then will let you choose some basic information like gender and age. While other sites had a human body (man and woman), you will just click which part of your body is indeed affected and then will give some sort of conditions or how you feel on that body part (e.g. tingling, burning, swelling etc.) until you become more and more specific and then viola! The site will give you all the POSSIBLE CONDITIONS or AILMENTS based from the symptoms you have clicked or selected. Moreover, somewhere in these sites will you find some sort of a disclaimer which states that all the information you can find are just sources and that it is still better to consult a medical doctor for immediate treatment.

Online symptom checker maybe quite a new-found sites among people who have less exposure to the cyberworld or Internet or those who have not the access into it. I could say that this is quite new since many of us are not aware of the so-called “symptom checker” over the net and maybe, people never ever think that such really exist. And yes, it’s quite unbelievable that there is a symptom checker who acts as if like a medical specialist or a licensed physician who can dictate of what ailment or disease you have incurred. Nevertheless, an online check-up is another way how it tailored and transformed human health service into an immediate health-response service via the Internet. With this, everyone who had the access to the Internet could have such access to the symptom checker and could get inkling or fast-information that would eventually lead them to consult a real doctor for a REAL MEDICATION.


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