. . . Suwertihan lang . . .


Today is May 1st……

So what’s so special about this anyway?

What about you?

Is this your birthday?

Wedding anniversary?

Or maybe another embarrassing moment that fell on this particular day….

…..another year that marks for Pinoy laborers – a “working” Filipino indeed!….

Let’s ponder how millions of Filipinos abroad and those unemployed, employed and underemployed consider this day as Labour Day, which I suppose shouldn’t be given much interest about. Aren’t you happy that you were categorized as “employed,” “underemployed” or maybe “unemployed?” There’s something to celebrate dude! You might be happy to be included on various surveys which say YOU are now one among millions of Filipinos who couldn’t find a job for a matter that YOU DO NOT FIT THE QUALIFICATIONS or YOU JUST GRAB THAT POSITION SIMPLY BECAUSE THERE IS NO CHOICE – YOU’RE QUALIFIED FOR A BLUE-COLLAR TYPE OF WORK!


It’s been a year though!

It’s been a year since I was passionately doing photography for good – not to mention that I roam somewhere down the hill just to get a good shot, good angle, a perfect picture of any thing. I was also on the status of an incoming senior then.

And here comes again that fateful day, just another year has passed and I was out with my photography stuffs. Totally out! Not a single penny for film and developing fees. And since I am an alumna, I was supposed to “go out” and find a good job – not (I think) a career for now. May career ba kasi dito sa Pilipinas? What I am settled to do now is to find job, visit job fairs, apply online, and personally walked-in to companies and gave those hardly-worked resumé I have labored for weeks or even a month just to craft it impressively hoping that somewhere along the line, I may be able to impress those hiring execs.

And yes, were at that point of giving out resumé, so what then?

***Finally, a year had passed – from photography to job hunting! Isn’t it an overwhelming transition?!?

They say that most of first-time experiences will never be forgotten, and I myself did. The very first taste of failure in seeking a job is indeed incomparable! I assume you had your own hint for the phrase, ‘very first taste of failure.’ And what exactly did I suggest with this thing is that when you do your job hunting seriously and you expect that somehow and somewhere along the road, your resumé will be pick out for a 30-second glance and then voila! And one day, when you picked up the phone to follow up your application, the hiring exec will just simply tell you: ‘ahm…..as of now, we’re not hiring fresh graduates…..we actually prioritize those who had the experience…..and blah blah blah….maybe you could re-apply if you had the experience.’

And that’s what I mean with failure – you worked for it seriously, had a “little” expectation for yourself, and then at one point, you failed – and which you might feel you’re all a failure! It’s as if the world is against you-that you had no chance-no opportunity-or maybe, the work turns away from you-and that you would not make any effort for the same thing because you were so devastated of your previous ‘mishap.’

And then, I came to think of these: those well-established companies, those who have carried big names and bigger reputation for themselves maybe had a little flaw for all their deeds and for all the power and professionalism that they are seeking in the industry. And that flaw is “prioritizing” those who have the experience and setting aside those who have not – fresh grads in particular. The problem is that either they don’t want to invest for these pathetic no-experience-at-all fresh grads or they just don’t want to invest time for training and supervision. Maybe, they had not yet realize how invaluable hiring these fresh graduates can be. – they can’t see the potential, the would-be skills of these people who had just newly came out from the academe – all that they can see is the experience…….experience, experience and experience!

Who knows?


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