“When It Rains, It Four”


Nothing special….again!

It’s just another usual day of the month, but maybe a little something “extraordinary”….

Going back to my last year’s post and it’s exactly a year now, that I was sentimentally commenting about the last years of my “TEENAGE LIFE” and officially bidding good bye to it…and just a year to count to officially open up another phase of my life, I can’t help but remembering an essay about a girl who nervously and emotionally introduced herself to “twenty-something” years of her life. She was quite well aware that another chapter has to come and should she faced it with courage and a welcoming attitude. Honestly, I never thought that I will be feeling the same thing now as what the writer felt on the last years of her ‘teenage life’. Anyway, I red that wayback in high school and the anthology was published during the 70s, but never ever anticipate a thing as to what I am feeling right now – sad, sad and sad.

My remedy: I just want to ignore the feeling of getting old, period!

Just as hers, I’m kinda scared to bring myself to a 2-0 digit of my life though I anticipate bigger obstcles and headaches this time.

I just hate it!

I just hate the feeling of getting old!


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