dreamin’ of London?

3 July


While traveling to Quiapo Church 3 weeks ago, we passed by the US Embassy and suddenly think that ‘what if I passed the 2-week work experience in McCann Erickson in UK, is there really a need for an interview with the UK Embassy?’ Well, I partly expect and then it’s nothing to me on the second thought.

All I think at that moment was just it’s like a dream come true for me if ever I will be accepted in their agency. Why? I don’t have any Advertising-related magazines yet and don’t have the money for my trip to UK, and then I feel a little sad about the reality. There was too much expectation while you are aware that reality will not permit that to happen.

While thinking about all those possibilities and impossibilities, I was just looking outside the window of the jeepney where we’re in while feeling too sentimental. Until we passed the Cultural Center of the Philippines, I was trying to erase those thoughts and then rather turned inside the jeepney when out of nowhere, a London sticker in the driver’s area bumped me – it was like a logo, or maybe a British logo representing the country itself. I thought that I was thinking too much of London that is why I suddenly strike with the sticker.

It’s really strange that after an hour or so of traveling, that’s the only time that I was able to notice the London sticker, right where I was thinking of going there some time. And I was just optimistic that it was indeed a sign!

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