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…a dream come true for the books…

what really caught my intrest to write this entry is to make note of an overwhleming experience i’ve encountered a couple of days passed – during the 30th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) held at SMX Convention center in Pasay. Just to make it short, i have a list of classic literary and general fictions saved on my computer and in a sheet of paper which i’ve been really dreaming of to have ever since – not to mention that I strongly require myself to have those books the soonest time possible – a sort of collection though.

I assume you know the feeling when you really fall in love with a thing no matter how trvial or meaningful it is. And I did fall in love with books – with J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice just to name a few – these were literally classics in their own right. Moreover, I do not hesitate to give out cash over these classic novels since having them over my shelf is a priceless experience. And in another instance, I accidentally found Erich Segal’s enduring classic  Love Story – a number of decades past since its first publication and I’d never ever think that such novel was as thin as one fourth inch….lastly, I can’t find but reminisce what had happened to me last year on the same event when i do not have the money to buy even a book – how pathetic am I at that time. The story was simple, I came across to ADMU Press’s booth and found this sort of simple with a classic design book with the title: “Stories From Another Time” by Benjamin Bautista. Obviously, I go through with some pages and scanned the Foreword and Introduction and was amazed how literal the title is as it define the stories compiled in that book – simply put, the short stories or narratives embedded on it was told and narrated by people who have lived during the 60s and 70s (literally from another time), or probably they were at their 20s or 30s the time they wrote it – and then at that point, I suddenly thought of the film Batch 81. The book, as I first looked at it seemed classic simply because stories happened in the past and are being narrated as you’re actually reading it at any point in time and then I fell in love with it…

Too bad that I don’t have it until now that I am working and at least be able to purchase whatever books I may think interesting. Passed several months since the 29th MIBF and I accidentally red a book review on Butista’s Stories From Another Time, and couldn’t believe that I have the book after a year – now that I am able to buy novels that I’ve been longing to have.

As of September 20th, I have 4 on my table…

A dream come true that I have those in my possession!


I don’t want to leave my September archive with NOTHING as what had happened last year…at least I have a good reason to write something for this month , just like February 1st where I go home without money but less than P70.00 as my transpo fee to get back home to Cavite.

….maybe, I will always remember September 16, 2009 for the sole reason that I got “recognition” for my very first job – and I never expect such thing to happen – it’s a long story though.

That would definitely be a milestone in my life, 100 days before Christmas, out of nowhere and unexpectedly, people smiled and kept on giving you compliments for the job done. Moreover, amidst all of these “sweet words,” I shouldn’t pressure myself to do more or perform better or up to my very best – just take most of the things as how they should’ve been done, period.