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It was yesterday that I then realized that I’ve been “graduate” for a year…but the feeling of being a FRESH GRAD HAS NEVER GONE OUT OF ME

Yeah, a graduate for a year!

How ironic things got fall apart yesterday when I (and another college buddy) had remembering, or should I say reminiscing that one memorable day in the 23rd of March where we’re just few among the crowds of graduates, waiting for our names to be called, walk up the stage and got a hand with University faculty to officially acknowledge that we already passed and ready to carry on the Bachelor’s degree (it’s really good to think it though) and where I was yesterday? I assume, exactly on the same time and space that I was attending a training in relation to my BPO job on how should we value your customers – in its strictest sense! It seemed on that day that I should take my life “a little serious” or should I have to take this profession as a real profession. All I can think of it was an ironically sad encounter in my whole life! I was thinking that nothing fruitful or may be meaningful have happened so far since I graduated and paying too much on this thought made me totally pathetic!

And I was wondering up until yesterday afternoon about it –  how many or maybe few of blockmates or batchmates in the same field remember or even got a snap of last year’s ceremony that could’ve changed their lives forever or placed a milestone in their whole academic life….

Feeling miserable is just a choice! And so did I yesterday!


35,000+ Baby names

my name‘ – Solitary (Greek); Advisor (Latin)

Of course, I won’t tell you what my name is…..

I was in Book Sale yesterday when I got a snap at this pocket-book sized compilations of BABY NAMES entitled 35,000+ Baby Names and whoever the author is, where in the world whould he think to write such? Anyway, the book seemed quite weird at first glance, but if you tried to flip some pages and intentionally browse for your name (which I did), you’ll find it really cool though and this may lead your interest to look for your other relatives’ names.