…Story of a young man…

We were taking our breakfast yesterday beside a convenience store in Alabang, with my two colleagues who were seemed bugging on the whereabouts around the office and that worn-out performance statistics while I, seemed lost and pre-occupied with what’s going on (with my life), carefully planning what would happen after the end of the day – well, let’s say it is all about pondering on things that had happened yesterday and thinking what might happen today.

So I instantly noticed that I was out of place since I was a seat apart and they were the ones who were talking sh*t on statistics of their performance…well, the whole thing was all irrelevant for me though. Until a guy caught my attention who intentionally approached a mannequin fashionably dressed in a sort of cotton-made white long sleeve with light blue green shorts. There was  a bazaar in the middle of that zone  and we’re literally sitting in front of a store. Well, there were two guys in their company ID whom I initially thought of were just roaming around those shops, trying to find “good stuffs” just around the corner

One of these guys, or should I say a man in a white shirt and jeans walked in front of the mannequin, and intentionally looked at the clothes it’s wearing as if it will fit him. Well, I  am not stupid to think that he will purchase the cloth right for himself – of course, he will buy a cloth for a girl – though they were seemed making fun of themselves during the purchasing process and I assumed that his colleague was actually teasing him for purchasing a female dress.

Right at that moment, his actions was quite predictable that he will definitely buy the sleeve for he meticulously looked at it, slightly touched it, and then pays for it. And  the moment he looked and passed his hands on the fabric, I suddenly thought ‘where in the world would a man will buy a cloth for a woman right in the middle of that public venue?’

That view was astonishing! I’ve seen daddys buying clothes for their wives but not in my entire life that I’ve seen a young man purchase a simple-cut fabric for the woman of his dream (presumably). My heart melts at the sight of that incident. Maybe, there is something in this young man that made his actions quite lovely and pleasant to look at….or it could probably an effect of being too sentimental at that moment for me to appreciate that certain kind of action by a young man who just passed at our table. In fact, he just caught my entire attention by him, merely looking at the mannequin and I assume that he is thinking whether that sleeve will fits her girlfriend and that was a lovely act indeed!


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