1st June 2009 – until a year after….

I get to realized that this blog is no longer a mere “online journal” as I intended before rather, it seemed that it was a gallery of collective thoughts and memories – a sort of a paste board where you can post all the memories and things that you can perfectly (and partly) reminisce.

…and here I go again…it’s been a year since I  travel all the way to Eastwood Libis after being invited for my very first job interview. And after months of applying for my ideal jobs or should I say, career and after months of waiting for a job interview, finally, I hit off one luck of a lifetime!

Job hunting was such a painstaking task indeed!

And today, June 1st 2010 – it’s been a year since I finally got an invitation for a job interview and how ironic the situation is because I am currently rendering my last 30 days for my job where I initially landed to.
The thing may not be that painstaking as I am nearing to bade goodbye, but the thought that you’re “leaving for good” could be that sadder and harder part…
I finally decided…and I SHOULD leave for good!


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