I was never sure what ‘contemplate’ means until June 14th

It’s exactly 3 weeks from the last date of my employment and I’ll be officially completing my 1-year stay at that company.

It was a tough decision to leave the company (as this may always be the case) especially when you looked back and ponder all those bitter-sweet memories….and then with just one blink, you decided to let go and take a breathe.

It’s like a spur-of-the moment decision to file a letter, formally notifying the company that you’re leaving and your stay was pleasant and you enjoyed the support that the company has given you – of course, these were some of the cheesy lines that you’ll probably include in a letter. But the thing is, ARE YOU REALLY SURE THAT THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?

On my last week, he told me ‘I’m giving you time to contemplate…’ but I was never sure what “contemplate” means until June 14th. I’ve heard this word once from one of my colleagues but never pay such time to look and understand the word, not until someone told me to do so (to contemplate) and then I pause for two days and kept on wondering what does that word mean – well, I read it myself and concluded that my decision is final.


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