The Beginning of My Memoir

childhood memories

Chapter I: I was five the very first time I confidently thought I was such a clever child who had wide comprehension of the ABCs, 1, 2, 3, fairy tales and grim stories about beast and witches. Life seemed so comfortable and quiet back then…only if you'd look back and realized that today was such gross and a big crap for those who thought of themselves as stupid and useless.

I got a special award in Kindergarten and bagged the "fourth honor" way back in 1st grade – that was cool though! I never ever realized back then that things were not so complicated and hard as it is today. As much as I'd like to write and describe more of my happy (and unfettered) childhood days, it only brings sad memories of growing up on one hand. I don't know why. Yesterday, I was smart and happy and then today, I am dull and sorry….

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