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poor August

I’d like to think that this is the hardest month I have encountered so far this year (when we talk of finances) but then, ┬áthe peak of my happy-day vacation after resigning from my first work.


I’m on my 20s and this is the time that I’ve learned to “rock” and August rock me as hell!

Since mid June, I never found a job…
Come July and I was celebrating my _ _ birthday
By August, I was like…mmm…I can’t think of the right word but…

Let’s just put it this way, I’m currently working for the pre-production of 41st season of Women’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (WNCAA), and this was the time that I finally set foot in the historic place of Intramuros after so much admiration and wanting to be in that place.

That was 8 August! And finally, I was in Intramuros!