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35,000+ Baby names

my name‘ – Solitary (Greek); Advisor (Latin)

Of course, I won’t tell you what my name is…..

I was in Book Sale yesterday when I got a snap at this pocket-book sized compilations of BABY NAMES entitled 35,000+ Baby Names and whoever the author is, where in the world whould he think to write such? Anyway, the book seemed quite weird at first glance, but if you tried to flip some pages and intentionally browse for your name (which I did), you’ll find it really cool though and this may lead your interest to look for your other relatives’ names.


Food for Feb.

Tuesday – mango tartlets
Wednesday – espasol, mais
Thursday – KFC brownies
Friday – ponkan
Saturday – pancit

there were graces at the very first week of Feb.

“one look” for Kjwan

So ‘they’ launched their 3rd concert this past Thursday with the theme: youth governance (quite unsure about it though) and they have Kjwan as one of their invited guest performer during that night. Obviously, the crowd got wild when their frontman, Marc Abaya stepped out in a plain white shirt, jeans and sneakers – well all too good for a rocker like him.

Anyway, I presented myself to pick up the band in Katipunan together with a senior member from my former orgnanization in the university. The route was quite new to me but it wasn’t surprising that we reached Katipunan within a couple of hours. I am totally off traveling for a simple fact that I’ve been doing this since last year and the reason why I opt to have a ride to QC was just to get a “new picture” of the metro – passing C5, Eastwood, Tiendesitas and ADMU – and literally, I never got few minutes of sleep since 7:00 of Wednesday until the following  day.

…and the story must go back to a one wild crowd in front of Kjwan – and Marc himself. The phrase that “girls go crazy” over him was true and they were literally inches away from him and you will feel the energy up above you. And standing at one side of the performance area is enough to have a glimpse of his face and the rest of the guys. No need to go over and be “one of the girls” who were so much excited to see a band with a truly good-looking frontman such as Kjwan.

All that time, I was thinking that a handshake on one afternoon with that musician is truly enough to make my day.

Truly stressful and hesitant to fetch them back to Katipunan, I was convinced out of courtesy…..and the catch is, while we were traveling with these guys back to QC between 10:00 to 11:30 in the evening, it just came out of my mind, ‘s**t! may magazine pala ako ng Inquirer na sila yung cover….

….the thought that I was able to recall such thing right at that very moment was quite funny though….imagine that you’re presently with the band inside that vehicle and traveling, when out of nowhere, you think of something and (wanted to tell them right in their face) that, ‘hey, I was just reading you guys almost a year ago about your favourite books, movies and blah blah blah….and now I’m with you’….(what an unimaginable approach)…too bad, that was the last supplement I got from Inquirer last year because I was too busy reading other stuffs in my room.

ANyway, 2 band members have to be dropped in Market! Market! and one of them was their vocalist and after seeing him walking around, away from the vehicle, all I can think is, ‘ok! so I will never ever see this man again….go ahead, find you way now…..but will truly remember that dull and plain handshake with him on that Thursday afternoon!

Seeing this band perform live did not totally lessen the stress I got this week but nevertheless, I called it a day!

Too bad! I assume this would be the first and the last that I’ll be seeing him (though he looked snob) – but that ordinary handshake was truly memorable!!

Unang Araw Ng Pebrero

I forgot to write….not that I am into trouble….nor lazy to write a draft…’s just that I “really” don’t have the time…

It’s been a year….yup, it was on February 1st that we headed down to UP for an “interview”….yeah, an interview! And what the heck! It was a partial fulfillment for our major subject in Developmental Communication since few weeks from that, we’ll be graduating though.

I still vividly remember how pathetic we are at that day, travelling from Diliman to Dasma without any penny except for a mere transportation fee – as in literal na naghi-hiwalay kami ng mga groupmates ko na walang nag-aagahan sa simpleng dahilan na yung iba nag-check in sa UP Hotel at kaming mga na-late ay natulog sa isang apartelle sa QC….kamusta naman ‘yon ‘diba?

ANyway, February 1st the following year and still I am travelling….since then, I think what I’d have to do is ‘to travel’….and head back to what have happened through my own memories…

Feb 2010

1st Saturday–

It’s been a year since that nerve-wracking day for our thesis defense

….as it was said, ‘that was the day’

ano sa tagalog ang ‘POLITICAL WILL?’

Anong meron sa buwan ng Nobyembre? Hindi ako susulat ng entry para gumawa ng summary o i-highlight ang mga pinakasikat na nangyari sa mga nakalipas na araw ngayong buwang ito, bagkus isusulat ko lang ang isang ‘di malilimutang’ tanong na narinig ko kanina lang….

Pero bago yun, ayoko mawala sa ala-ala ko ang mga bagay na ito…

Una, ang Pinoy boxer na comparable kay legendary Muhammad Ali
Pangalawa, our very own, fellow Caviteño na si Efren Peñaflorida na tunaguriang CNN Hero of the Year
Pangatlo, MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE…mukang mas matindi pa sa Davao Death Squad ang execution “nila”
Pang-apat, ang medyo sarkastiko pero malaman na tanong ni Bayani “BF” Fernando sa special ng GMA News and Public Affairs na pinamagatang Isang Tanong,

Ikaw, alam mo ba?

…a dream come true for the books…

what really caught my intrest to write this entry is to make note of an overwhleming experience i’ve encountered a couple of days passed – during the 30th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) held at SMX Convention center in Pasay. Just to make it short, i have a list of classic literary and general fictions saved on my computer and in a sheet of paper which i’ve been really dreaming of to have ever since – not to mention that I strongly require myself to have those books the soonest time possible – a sort of collection though.

I assume you know the feeling when you really fall in love with a thing no matter how trvial or meaningful it is. And I did fall in love with books – with J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice just to name a few – these were literally classics in their own right. Moreover, I do not hesitate to give out cash over these classic novels since having them over my shelf is a priceless experience. And in another instance, I accidentally found Erich Segal’s enduring classic  Love Story – a number of decades past since its first publication and I’d never ever think that such novel was as thin as one fourth inch….lastly, I can’t find but reminisce what had happened to me last year on the same event when i do not have the money to buy even a book – how pathetic am I at that time. The story was simple, I came across to ADMU Press’s booth and found this sort of simple with a classic design book with the title: “Stories From Another Time” by Benjamin Bautista. Obviously, I go through with some pages and scanned the Foreword and Introduction and was amazed how literal the title is as it define the stories compiled in that book – simply put, the short stories or narratives embedded on it was told and narrated by people who have lived during the 60s and 70s (literally from another time), or probably they were at their 20s or 30s the time they wrote it – and then at that point, I suddenly thought of the film Batch 81. The book, as I first looked at it seemed classic simply because stories happened in the past and are being narrated as you’re actually reading it at any point in time and then I fell in love with it…

Too bad that I don’t have it until now that I am working and at least be able to purchase whatever books I may think interesting. Passed several months since the 29th MIBF and I accidentally red a book review on Butista’s Stories From Another Time, and couldn’t believe that I have the book after a year – now that I am able to buy novels that I’ve been longing to have.

As of September 20th, I have 4 on my table…

A dream come true that I have those in my possession!

my blog TURNS 1

And it is officially 1 year!

My blog turns 1 yesterday and now, I could comfortably (to the slightest degree) call myself a “personal blogger.”


Now, I have something to write on my blog.

I was hardly thinking several days ago of what would be the most comfortable and heartfully-driven topic to write about until I finally realize that all of my realisations for the past days were all seemed “worthy” and quite “sensible.”

I scarcely thought of myself to be landed in a call center job nor seen myself applying for such. Yes, I barely thought about it but never settled myself to grab an offer whenever I find myself rejected from all the applications I have made in advertising and production companis. And up to these days, I can’t help but being a little sentimental everytime I visit my so-called Alma Mater – where dreams started to become an almost-reality and a place where everyone crafted his own worldly idealism.

It’s quite sentimental in some sense that I, myself have battled it out in the academe for four fruitful years and only later did I find myself in a BPO company. I’m not underestimating the job itself or in any ways but I was just being sloppy over this matter! You’ve labored and experience d all these hardships for four years, crafted vision for yourself, built dreams and armored yourself with tons of knowledge and there, you found yourself somewhere in a cubicle answering phone calls and customer concerns (not to mention complaints).

And I must say, there was a BIG hesitation rather than frustration….but as I’d like to think these statemets from someone: WALA NA SILANG PAKIALAM…..HINDI NA NILA BUHAY ‘TO, BUHAY NA NATIN ‘TO!

And I would also like to believe that being a school buddy is quite fun and enjoying than commencing an (unexpected) job where you feel (or maybe think) that you’re too old to be young or too young to be old!

2008 USA Election: A Historic Race Amidst Global Financial Crisis

Gone are the days when news makers such as the late President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, President Reagan was shot by a Jodie Foster fan who was reported to have mental disorder…and gone are the days when Martin Luther King Jr. had hardly kept his leadership for civil rights movement, appearing wherever there is injustice, racism and political turmoil and following non-violent practices to eradicate racial discrimination.

Here now proclaimed the 44th President of the United States of America – no less than a man who made a milestone for the African-American community in America, the first black President ever to seat at the White House by January next year, he’s no other than this undeniably famous Democrat Barack Obama.

Barack Obama – the name in which millions of Africans and white men in US had celebrated the moment that the race closed in (well, even during the campaign). The catch is, it seemed that he is so totally charismatic that even ‘whites’ have voted for him to be the next highest ruling officer of one of the most powerful country in the globe, and even surpassed the required 150 electoral votes in this US Presidential race.

Well, I am no media personality or political analyst either, but let’s accept the fact that this momentous Presidential race of 2008 was dubbed as “one of the most historic,” “most watched,” and “one among the hottest political issues in town“…..and why not??? Well, there may be thousands of commentators who may critique and give opinion on such.

I don’t know but Obama’s charisma and appeal effectively magnetized the crowd “to go on, vote for me.”

CHANGE WE NEED* as his campaign slogan.

To further this fierce and heart-pumping Presidential race, John McCain (in my opinion) had been a good chick and competitor for 2008 – a prisoner of war he is. A charismatic Obama versus the prisoner of war John McCain? What if Clinton won the primary? Would it be McCain or Clinton who will make it at the White House? Or maybe McCain, a Republican might predictably defeated Clinton from the Democrats?

Anyway, I’m not ending this entry with those political whereabouts! Since I am writing on this so-called “historic Presidential race in America“, I might as well share you the 3-part special of THE CHOICE 2008 aired over Studio 23 last November 2-4. If it was really historical and Barack Obama made history and a “milestone” for the black American community, he have done that before way back when he was in Harvard University. In fact, he became the first black to spearhead the very prestigious Harvard Law Review – a publication in Harvard Law School which was obviously dominated by white men…..and mind you, that ‘phenomenon’ became a national news.

And if Obama’s charm or maybe his black appeal had been the key to his domain, he did it and in fact served in Chicago ( the capital of African-American community in USA) as a community worker serving his fellow black Americans. That maybe an act of social work, or maybe….courting the community to win their hearts where later became his strong bailiwick for his presidency. He resided in Chicago for good weeks to teach what he have gained in law school as well as doing charity works back in 80s.

….today, I wonder why Americans voted for this black man and why London and other European countries have celebrated over his triumph….Do Americans just wanted to push through Obama to seat at the White House and finally cut off the political lines of White men – all from Washington to Bush? Do they fight for Obama so as to make history – the first black President of the United States? Or the world just really believed in racial discrimination that still existing?..Well, think of what Martin Luther said: The Negro needs the white man to free him from his fears. The white man needs the Negro to free him from his guilt.

Not standing as an Obama fun and I may sound really subjective though, but Barack Obama’s victory signaled that color should not be the sole basis….that someone’s origin should not be a hindrance….that racial discrimination should be erased and be finally cut off, if not ended!

Well, that’s the dilemma – I believe that Barack Obama was hardly affected with this airing political racism that have existed in Harvard during his college days….better that Obama won the race so as to prove and emphasize what Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.”

I am hoping that amidst all of the crises that the world is experiencing, hope that his triumph will also be the key to freed countries from financial turmoil, racism and war. Instead, every country and every one must unite for peace and progress (even just a little)..

In fact, Asian stocks up on Obama’s win yesterday and our very own Madame President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had immediately reminded the newly elected Obama that her country’s tie-up with the US will continue (nah! for what reason???) Well, our beloved President was just too dependent to pursue such things especially when she’s crumpled with issues of corruption and inflation!

*Obama had indeed made a “history” – a milestone for himself, for the African-American community and for the world!