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Inauguration – one such historic moment for another Aquino

a new light and a beginning; a freedom and an escape; dreams merged from two visionaries; people hoping for a better point…a new revolution

A heroic odyssey to bands of yellow and eyeglass(es). Now took oath as the President of the Philippines, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III had consistently used the color “yellow” to represent his and the Aquino legacy.

We had just come to a point that we must create such historic moment of putting Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, now President, as the highest ruling leader of the country.

Similar with the idealistic campaign of “CHANGE” by US President Obama, President Aquino himself and the Filipino people are now hoping that his administration will truly bring if not that considerable, but at least a distinct and evident change of what he promised during the election. With his campaign tag line: KUNG WALANG CORRUPT, WALANG MAHIRAP, he purposefully and somewhat subtly merged such idealism with “change,” so as not to look directly similar with the then candidate President Obama. Now that he took his turn and successfully influence a huge number of voters, ours is to support and celebrate such historic event….reinforce his advocacies; love him; negate his ideas and plans; create or make him through media; attempt to create a rally and even a coup; plan assassination (the same with the late Ninoy Aquino); create harsh and good criticisms on his administration; ….or we could just simply unite for one better “revolution!”

You chose him and so you have the freedom to recycle and re-invent our history….and we should just accept imperfections…we never know what’s in store for us under his administration…



100 years….the Centennial celebration begins today….Animo!

100 years…..they just started the Centennial countdown today…..Animo!

‘100 years of Lasallian presence in the Philippines’


This could be a quite tough decision for me….to resign or not to resign, that is the question!


This entry is simply a ‘reminisce’ of the past…..
It’s rainy season once again and I can’t help but thinking over and over when about a year ago (I think), I was doing laundry for my school unifrom and deeply thinking about how exciting it would be to officially land in your ‘dream job’ and proudly called youself a “graduate” after battling in the academe for four years with bitter-sweet encounters.

And I guess, it’s been a year passed since I watched a TV documentary and tremendoudly enthused about the incoming “iskolar ng bayan” from all walks of life, facing initial real-life difficulties during enrolment. And how, in about a time, the university “seemed” to be now inclined with the ‘elite’ and ‘upperclassmen’ of the society roaming around the campus. There was an issue there indeed….

And…..all these things and thoughts happened a year ago and it won’t completeley occur for the second time!

However, a lot of people in the whole wide world are hard-core idealistic, I must say. Because I, myself tend to be a BIG TIME IDEALIST even before entering college until the time I attended this once-in-a-lifetime “Commencement Exercise.” Yes, commencement is definitely the beginning….until the time I stepped up the stage, I still have these ideals that I’ll forever stick to. And recently, I came to reallize will those idealisms of mine will bring me into those dreams that I have longed wishing for?

I should write vaguely, period.

Dictionary defines:

ideal – existing . . . in fancy or imagination only; lacking practicality

idealism – the practice of forming ideals or living under their influence

Indeed, I was living under the influence of wide ideals and it was such a big deal (for me) if I should abide into it or would rather resort to realistic circumstances. It seemed to me that I “MUST” do the latter and erased those ideals to a little degree.

I once dreamed to be a  TV dcumentarist but it seems that I was too far away from it – and now it was some sort of fancy indeed! What I’m presently in is into the reality that I won’t get any offer or an entry-level post as a researcher either. On the other hand, I’m still apt to stick into my high school dreams and will rather prepare myself for a number of failure and rejection that will come along the way.

And I will never ever forget those people whom I have known for some years in college where we started creating our very own dreams and plans right inside the academe. I dreamed once with a good friend of mine that we’ll enrol in the Graduate School of Harvard University…while others, I’ve learned that they wanted to enter the field of Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Advertising. My blockmates several times they told me that they wanted to pursue an MA in Journalism while the other wanted to be an AM radio jock in her favorite evening program. I’ve known a few who still wanted to pursue their passion in photography to the point of applying for the post while I knew one blockmate who really wanted to be a writer and the other one, a screen writer. I always believed to those people who wanted to be film makers and be famous for their endless unique ideas. I had a close friend in college who planned to work for United Nations right after graduation. I met these people who still have dreams of working in broadcasting networks even if it meant starting at the bottom. I’ve known several people who wished to work abroad hoping that they will find ways for a decent living. And just recently, a graduate of Management Accounting planned to work briefly in a BPO company for the sole pupose of earning and will later enrol in the Conservatory for Music….he simply wants to be a musical scorer for film….

These were the dreams….and it seemed to me that our dreams tend to lie in the realms of our own ideals with only hopes, prayers and continuous dreaming. But where we ended up?

-Pi-na-quiao –

Ang galing ‘no?!!

Akalain mo ba namang sa loob lang ng dalawang rounds e napabagsak na ni Pacman si Hitman! Take note, tatlong beses n’ya pa napabagsak ang Briton.

Purong komento: Hindi ako “big fan” ng boxing at lalo na ni Manny Pacquiao, pero aaminin ko, nanonood ako ng laban ni Pacquiao no’ng high school pa ‘ko dahil sa isang napakasimpleng rason na lahat ng tao sa bahay e nag-aabang sa laban n’ya – alam mo kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng “tensyon!”


Puno ng tensyon ang sambayanang Pilipino ‘pag si Pacman na ang umariba at malamang, pati ang bahay n’yo e minsan nang napuno ng tensyon, hiyawan, pagkagigil at kung anu-ano pang paraan ng pag-chi-cheer kay Pacquiao kahit hindi n’ya naman kayo naririnig sa Nevada.

Disclaimer: Hindi ko ‘to sinulat bilang pagsuporta kay Pacman o para suportahan pa ang mga gambler or kung sinu-sino pang mga politiko o kongresista na nagpupustahan kung si Pacquiao ba o ang kalaban ang mananalo.

Eto ang punto: Ano nga ba talaga?

Balik tayo sa “purong komento:” Nakakainggit si Pacquiao! Akalain mo ba namang dalawang rounds lang yung inabot ng laban pero sa dalawang round na ‘yun e 30 minuto ang inabot sa TV! Anak ng—

Ang galing ‘no? Hindi lang namakyaw si Pacquiao ng TF sa 55/45 na hatian (tama ba?) nila ni Hatton, e akalain mo ba namang kumita rin ang network na “kinabibilangan” n’ya dahil sa sandamakmak na advertisements na maya’t-maya ang flash sa TV screen – at sa totoo lang, nakakairita! Imbis na makita mo yung ringside o binti at hita nina Pacman at Hitman e sige naman ang flash ng kung anu-anong produkto sa TV screen mo.

Oo alam ko, ‘yan ang business ng advertising dito sa Pinas at paniniwalaan ko yung statement na nabasa ko sa isang Advertising book na sinabing: You can tell the ideals of a nation through its advertisements.

O ano, agree ka ba? E ang business ng mga TVC at ad campaigns dito e mukang desperado – yung tipong lahat ng publicity e gagawin para kumita. Kaya nga pinaglabanan ng ABS-CBN at GMA ang East & West Battle na ‘to e dahil sa milyon-milyong malilikom nila sa ad placement sa TV… tandaan natin, pera ang pinaglalabanan dito!

Ayun, sa kasikatan ni Pacman, hindi lang Broadcasting Networks ang nag-aagawan sa kanya, hindi lang sampung kumpanya ang gustong mag-place ng ad sa East and West Battle na ‘to, at hindi lang s’ya recording artist/professional boxer/actor/TV host, hindi lang ilang tao ang kumita sa laban n’ya, kundi pati si Pacman mismo, kumita sa lahat ng ito!


Sa lahat na yata ng nasulyapan kong laban ni Manny Pacquiao e ito yung “parang” walang thrill – yun bang walang tensyon yung suntukan at basagan ng mukha sa ring. Akalain mo ba namang maya’t-maya mong yakapin yung kalaban sabay saka mo didikdikin ng suntok….ano ‘yon, boxing pa ba ‘yun? Away-kanto na yata ‘yon!

Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang mga naiinggit kay Manny Pacquiao!

Mabuhay ang mga pumupusta sa laban ni Pacman, mabuhaypumupusta sa laban ni Pacman, mabuhay!

clap! clap! clap!

Les(s)ions you could earn while you are in job hunting . . .

1. matutulala ka na lang. matutulala ka na lang dahil pagkatapos ng graduation at magdadalawang buwan na ay wala ka pang nakukuhang trabaho, at mapapatingin ka na lang sa kalendaryo n’yo sa sala o sa kuwarto mo o sa’n mang parte ng bahay niyo na antagal mo na palang “BAM” (tambay)! Sa kahuli-hulihan, matutulala ka at malulungkot sa dinranas mo ngayon.

2. desperate job hunters. Nagkakamali ka kung housewives lang ang pwedeng maging desperate…ba’t ‘di natin subukang ipares sa job hunters SLASH job seekers? Desperdo ka na talaga makahanap ng trabaho at kumita ng pera na tipong nakalimutan mong Labour Day pala at walang tao sa opisina na gusto mong pagtanungan kung may opening ba sila o wala (para sa katulad mo!).

3. makakalimutin. Malamang, sa kaiisip mo ng trabaho e makalimutan mo nang may iba ka pa palang problema – o ‘di naman kaya’y ma-divert ang atensyon mo sa ibang bagay gaya ng pang-uuto sa parents mo, sa kapatid mo o kaya sa tropapips mo! Halimbawa, mang-aarbor ka ng singsing, chokers at kung anu-anu pa…..

4. another les(s)ion gained. marerealize mo na hindi mo pala muna kailangang kumuha at makakuha agad ng trabaho na may kinalaman sa tinapos mong kurso. Bakit? (Tanong mo sa inaapplayan mo!)

Kung graduate ka ng Advertising Management, bakit hindi mo “muna” subukang mag-call center o kaya’y mag-apply sa isang fast food chain bilang isang trainee for a managerial position. Hihihi! Tunay ngang masaklap ang katotohanan pero baka malaman mo na lang sa banding huli na hindi mo muna talaga kailangang mag-apply ng trabaho na related sa tinapos mo no’ng college dahil isa pa, wala ng chance at iisipin mong masasadlak ka na lang sa kasalukuyan mong estado – tambay!

5. learn from your seniors. sa isang banda, ma-re-realize mo rin na may kabuluhan pala ang mga ‘words of wisom’ na sinabi sa’yo ng mga seniors mo no’ng nasa academe ka pa. Learn from the experts ika nga, pwede mong pagnilay-nilayan ‘yan bago ka maghanap at mag-apply ng trabaho.

6. magiging metikoloso/metikolosa ka. totoo. ingat ka sa pag-aaply….baka kasi yung sinasabi mong “pansamantala” na trabaho e maging career mo na in the near future, ouch! Ang sakit no’n! Yung tipong sinabi mo sa sarili mo na mag-co-call center ka muna habang hindi mo pa nakukuha yung gusto mong trabaho, pero ilang buwan o taon mula ngayon e may ‘career’ ka na sa industriya ng BPO.

//to be continued

. . . Suwertihan lang . . .


Today is May 1st……

So what’s so special about this anyway?

What about you?

Is this your birthday?

Wedding anniversary?

Or maybe another embarrassing moment that fell on this particular day….

…..another year that marks for Pinoy laborers – a “working” Filipino indeed!….

Let’s ponder how millions of Filipinos abroad and those unemployed, employed and underemployed consider this day as Labour Day, which I suppose shouldn’t be given much interest about. Aren’t you happy that you were categorized as “employed,” “underemployed” or maybe “unemployed?” There’s something to celebrate dude! You might be happy to be included on various surveys which say YOU are now one among millions of Filipinos who couldn’t find a job for a matter that YOU DO NOT FIT THE QUALIFICATIONS or YOU JUST GRAB THAT POSITION SIMPLY BECAUSE THERE IS NO CHOICE – YOU’RE QUALIFIED FOR A BLUE-COLLAR TYPE OF WORK!


It’s been a year though!

It’s been a year since I was passionately doing photography for good – not to mention that I roam somewhere down the hill just to get a good shot, good angle, a perfect picture of any thing. I was also on the status of an incoming senior then.

And here comes again that fateful day, just another year has passed and I was out with my photography stuffs. Totally out! Not a single penny for film and developing fees. And since I am an alumna, I was supposed to “go out” and find a good job – not (I think) a career for now. May career ba kasi dito sa Pilipinas? What I am settled to do now is to find job, visit job fairs, apply online, and personally walked-in to companies and gave those hardly-worked resumé I have labored for weeks or even a month just to craft it impressively hoping that somewhere along the line, I may be able to impress those hiring execs.

And yes, were at that point of giving out resumé, so what then?

***Finally, a year had passed – from photography to job hunting! Isn’t it an overwhelming transition?!?

They say that most of first-time experiences will never be forgotten, and I myself did. The very first taste of failure in seeking a job is indeed incomparable! I assume you had your own hint for the phrase, ‘very first taste of failure.’ And what exactly did I suggest with this thing is that when you do your job hunting seriously and you expect that somehow and somewhere along the road, your resumé will be pick out for a 30-second glance and then voila! And one day, when you picked up the phone to follow up your application, the hiring exec will just simply tell you: ‘ahm… of now, we’re not hiring fresh graduates…..we actually prioritize those who had the experience…..and blah blah blah….maybe you could re-apply if you had the experience.’

And that’s what I mean with failure – you worked for it seriously, had a “little” expectation for yourself, and then at one point, you failed – and which you might feel you’re all a failure! It’s as if the world is against you-that you had no chance-no opportunity-or maybe, the work turns away from you-and that you would not make any effort for the same thing because you were so devastated of your previous ‘mishap.’

And then, I came to think of these: those well-established companies, those who have carried big names and bigger reputation for themselves maybe had a little flaw for all their deeds and for all the power and professionalism that they are seeking in the industry. And that flaw is “prioritizing” those who have the experience and setting aside those who have not – fresh grads in particular. The problem is that either they don’t want to invest for these pathetic no-experience-at-all fresh grads or they just don’t want to invest time for training and supervision. Maybe, they had not yet realize how invaluable hiring these fresh graduates can be. – they can’t see the potential, the would-be skills of these people who had just newly came out from the academe – all that they can see is the experience…….experience, experience and experience!

Who knows?

-“HOTTEST” Spot for Summer ’09-

Unang-una sa lahat, mag-so-sorry ako kung late akong mag-po-post ng isang napaka-interesanteng entry (para sa’kin) na napanood ko pa no’ng Lunes sa news program ng TV5 na TEN (the evening news). Nakakagulat no’ng lumabas si Lourd de Veyra (radioactive sago project) sa isang segment na kung saan ay ibinigay n’ya ang HOTTEST DESTINATION NGAYONG SUMMER na karaniwang suspek ay Boracay at Bagiuo. Pero ito, pwede mong ireto sa iba mong mga frens at mga forein-gers, at ito ang nasa list n’ya…..

(may mababasa kayong lines na galing mismo sa bibig ni Mr. de Veyra at ang iba nama’y na-paraphrase ko na habang ang iba’y sa’kin na!)



– ‘mas hanep pa sa Chocolate Hills ng Bohol’

– isang gabundok na basura na malamang ay kumumpleto sa araw mo dahil makikita mo ang iba’t-ibang mukha ng kahirapan at pagkagutom sa Pinas



– Bakit?

– Kung may Mafia ang Italy, siyempre may DAVAO DEATH SQUAD naman dito, ‘diba exciting?


North Korea

– baka makita mo ang ‘the great leader na si Kim Jong-il na kamukha ni Dinky Doo – at kung hindi mo kilala si Dinky Doo,’ s’ya yung laging kasama ni ___________


Hong Kong

– “a nation of servant”


– baka makita mo sa Tsip Chao at sakaling lumuhod sa harapan mo at manghingi ng sorry….



– eto malupet!
– dito mo makikita ang ‘napakalaking photo nosaic ng great leader na si Pangulong Arroyo. Balak n’yang basagin ang world record na ‘Pinakamalalang Presidente sa buong bansa!’

– Anyway, nag-joke lang naman si Mr. de Veyra – ‘hindi, joke lang!’


Commonwealth Avenue

– magandang dalhin dito ang mga turista

– tara na’t makipagpatintero sa mga rumaragasang sasakyan, at kung madaling araw naman, mga lasenggong nakasakay sa motorsiklo at nakikipagharurutan sa mga trak at kapwa nila lasenggo. Kaya pagdating mg umaga, ayun dedbol sa kanto!


Lamesa Watershed

– ‘hindi nga, ang presko dito’



– sobrang lakas na aircon

– at siyempre, may chance kang ma-meet ang kapita-pitagang House Speaker na si Prospero Nograles na may -22 Net Satisfactory Rating mula sa isang survey agency



– alam mo na ‘yun……

– Talipao, Indanan….ano pa ba?….

– Al Quaeda? hahaha

– talo pa nito kahit saang Disneyland ka pumunta…..dito sa Sulu, masaya, punong-puno ng aksyon

– may chance ka pa to meet and greet the Abu Sayyaf Terrorist Group

. . . may hula ka ba kung ano ang no. 1? . . .

. . . sige na . . .

. . . wala talaga . . .


Bilibid Prison

– aba, may tennis court na, may hamburger stand pa!

– baka ma-meet mo pa ang dati mong kakosa, este ang dating kakosa ni pareng Jalosjos


And that’s the end of our countdown……but wait, Mr. Lourd de Veyra has his final say…..



nakuha mo?





Hindi ko naman “yata” kasalanan. . . . .

Alam ko may effort….




Pero huli na pala ang lahat….

Basta nakakapanghinayang lang…..






‘Diba may mga bagay naman sa mundo na “DESERVED” magkaroon ng ‘second chance’?

Automated Election? How true in 2010……

With all this “politicking” from aspiring candidates who have now (slightly) started their campaign for the 2010 election, a “planned” Automated Election shouldn’t be left behind

An editorial from Manila Times entitled Open Election System (OES) in 2010 stated the growing sentiment of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) concerning the upcoming automated election in 2010. This because the Commission on Elections (Comelec) had proposed to the Senate that it will be using the so-called Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines instead of DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) and OMR (Optical Mark Reader) which had helped the ARMM vote-counting to be a success. However, CBCP expressed their concern that “these technologies seem to be very costly in terms of procurement and storage and do not exactly guarantee fraud-free election results.” It endorsed the so-called Open Election System (OES)” (

While it’s quite technical to discuss how PCOS, DRE and OMR operate, Comelec argued that PCOS machine is much better because it is an improved OMR. “PCOS involves the use of machines reading or scanning optical paper ballots that voters have marked by hand. The votes shown in each scanned ballot are then automatically added in a computerized tally for every “clustered precinct.” Under this system, precincts would have to be clustered, otherwise there would have to be hundreds of thousands of precincts to be equipped with PCOS machines. With cluttering, only 80,000 PCOS machines need to be deployed throughout thePhilippines” (

I bet it’s too technical.

With P113 billion “approved” supplemental budget for the automated 2010 election, I hope that President Arroyo would live up to one of her nationalistic plans under the Medium-Term Development that emphasizes electoral reforms by pursuing an automated elections that is said to be ‘essential to political stability.’

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