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Nang dahil sa sulat…

Hindi ako nag-agahan…


Hindi ako nag-tanghalian…


Gusto kong mag-mura! Kaso parang walang emosyon…parang walang pakiramdam kung isusulat ko lang siya sa pahina na ‘to!


Alam mo ba kung bakit gusto kong magmura?


Nakauwi kasi ako ng alas-siyete ng gabi na hindi man lang nag-tatanghalian dahil sa nakamamatay at nakaka-high blood na pag-e-edit ng letter para sa mga interviewee namin sa ‘ming thesis!


Gusto kong magmura!


Naka-dalawang beses kaming nag-re-print! Hindi namin maperpek ang sulat kaya hindi namin ma-please ang thesis adviser namin pati na rin ang Tagapangulo ng Departamento ng Komunikasyon!


Gusto kong magmura!


Para kaming tanga ng thesis partner ko! Ang punto ko lang naman e tama nang maayos ang grammar pati syntax ng sulat pati na rin ang pag-punto sa intensyon naming mga estudyante! Tama na para sa’kin ang sulat, e sa palagay ko naman ‘pag binasa ‘yan nung recipient e maiinitinidan n’ya naman! At malay ba natin kung anong taste nun at standards niya sa naiintindihan at hindi maintindihang sulat? Malay ba natin kung anong impressive sa kanya o hindi? At malay ba natin kung nakakaintindi pala siya o hindi? (joke!)


Ang nakaka-bad trip pa do’n, kailangan mo pang isulat sa kauna-unahang linya:


The Communication Arts Department of the College of Liberal Arts offers an undergraduate course in Communication Research II….


Gusto kong magmura!


Sulat lang! Naipalabas naman namin yung intensyon namin dun e napakaperpektita nung tagapanagulo na ‘yun!











Thesis! Thesis! Thesis!……… still not the end!

Minutes from now since I and my thesis partner went to the Department to desperately consult on our “PROPOSED TOPICS” and “PROPOSED PROBLEM STATEMENT”…….well, I won’t elaborate anything on it but I must admit, we’re back to square one!

We’re so desperate to let this study be approved for we only had a week to accomplish the first chapter, and as it must happened, I took my ‘lunch’ by 3:30 in the afternoon all for the sake of waiting for the correction/revision/comments/suggestion of our study. Lucky to those whose study were just only “re-directed,” I don’t wanna sound so pathetic about this word since we’re not the only pair in the worldwide academe who have received this sour comment of “THIS IS A NO-VALUE STUDY.”

I supposed that we’re lucky enough to see the changes and corrections from our Thesis professor after all these revisions and hard-hitting comments…

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

Well, thesis, still not the end!

July 1st


July 1st

3 years have passed since I was rebuffed to join in this official student publication of this “prestigious” university….well, that’s all I can afford to take since I was a freshman student though…may be the Editorial Board at that time didn’t find me to be serious during the panel interview, or I supposed that it was strictly for “weird” and “super-gifted students” of my batch who can answer their upsetting questions about you and your plan to be part of that clan, publication I mean …tsk…tsk….tsk…


Later then that I realized that if things are REALLY MEANT for you, then it is indeed for you – maybe, by a good twist of faith! Should I put my 100 % seriousness on that nerve-wracking interview, then I assumed that I was writing feature stories for you!


Maybe I did not really worth that chance… pathetic!


It’s July 1st again!


3 fruitful years have passed, and right at this very moment, only 6 hours or so have passed since I and my news writer classmate were rejected from our study….


I was totally disappointed, REALLY!


Never ever in my college life did I imagine that someone will just “trash out” or “reject” our study right in front of us – in just a single snap, it was completely rejected – the study that we laboriously studied for 5 months were all marked up with, “THIS IS A NO-VALUE STUDY. WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT…….”





Those were the words…written with a red ink almost covering the entire first page of our proposal!



And to be honest……I GOT BLANKED!


The very first day of July seemed to have a “curse” in my academic life……I don’t wanna sound so dull and pathetic, but these gloomy July 1st phenomena seemed to recur unexpectedly……