I was never sure what ‘contemplate’ means until June 14th

It’s exactly 3 weeks from the last date of my employment and I’ll be officially completing my 1-year stay at that company.

It was a tough decision to leave the company (as this may always be the case) especially when you looked back and ponder all those bitter-sweet memories….and then with just one blink, you decided to let go and take a breathe.

It’s like a spur-of-the moment decision to file a letter, formally notifying the company that you’re leaving and your stay was pleasant and you enjoyed the support that the company has given you – of course, these were some of the cheesy lines that you’ll probably include in a letter. But the thing is, ARE YOU REALLY SURE THAT THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?

On my last week, he told me ‘I’m giving you time to contemplate…’ but I was never sure what “contemplate” means until June 14th. I’ve heard this word once from one of my colleagues but never pay such time to look and understand the word, not until someone told me to do so (to contemplate) and then I pause for two days and kept on wondering what does that word mean – well, I read it myself and concluded that my decision is final.


1st June 2009 – until a year after….

I get to realized that this blog is no longer a mere “online journal” as I intended before rather, it seemed that it was a gallery of collective thoughts and memories – a sort of a paste board where you can post all the memories and things that you can perfectly (and partly) reminisce.

…and here I go again…it’s been a year since I  travel all the way to Eastwood Libis after being invited for my very first job interview. And after months of applying for my ideal jobs or should I say, career and after months of waiting for a job interview, finally, I hit off one luck of a lifetime!

Job hunting was such a painstaking task indeed!

And today, June 1st 2010 – it’s been a year since I finally got an invitation for a job interview and how ironic the situation is because I am currently rendering my last 30 days for my job where I initially landed to.
The thing may not be that painstaking as I am nearing to bade goodbye, but the thought that you’re “leaving for good” could be that sadder and harder part…
I finally decided…and I SHOULD leave for good!


This could be a quite tough decision for me….to resign or not to resign, that is the question!

….first WEEK/WEAK of MAY/…

Tuesday, 04 May – purchased 1202

Wednesday, 05 May – opened S/A

Thursday, 06 May – submitted my very first write-up at writers.ph

– the whole day, I was thinking how will I approach my immediate supervisor concerning my plans to file a resignation the earliest time possible. And just the thought of it made me more stressful at work and with my colleagues.
It seemed that I could not find a good turn to personally talked to her since she was then pre-occupied with paperworks and with her personal stuffs.
…planning was very difficult…and so until the end of the day

Friday, 07 May – It was morning, shortly after 5:00 when our AVP announced that our supervisor will be resigning, effective 15 May but her last day of service will be on the 14th. Upon hearing those information, I was like ‘anu daw?’….and to may dismay, all I can think of was ‘sh*t! That was totally unfair!

He said that there will be an informal turnover to a new Team Leader later during that day and all of our files and downloads will be forwarded to the new manager.

What made it more disappointing is, when we’re done with the AVP, she came in telling some sort of stupid revelation that there’s actually one colleague who already knew her  plan of transferring to another new company. She made her application last February and just recently received a confirmation within that week that she will be officially starting her ‘new career’ with the new company on the 17th.
And what the heck! I was keep on thinking how many months did our fellow teammate knew her plans of exiting the company – in between the months of February and May, for how long did she knew it?
Well, i feel like she just made us stupid for doing that ploy and one of my teammate sarcastically and jokingly asked, ‘Boss, ba’t s’ya lang? Hindi mo ba kami agent?’

Friday afternoon, I came in to my Alma Mater and found out this information: Vicissitude 2009 was released on 23 April 2010 – exactly a year and a month after our memorable Commencement.

***I met Lenny, one of my high school classmate in sophomore – remember year 2003 when I visited her every night just to have some sensible and non-sensible conversation.


***I came in for work at 7:57 in the evening when in fact, we’ll be starting our work at 8:00

Saturday, 08 May
– I was late AGAIN! And now I found out that I had a reputation for ALWAYS BEING LATE!

And now, she (new supervisor) is starting to be a “hassle” in my life! (literally)

Sunday, 09 May – MOTHER’S DAY

I decided to meet my former classmate in high school who was just having a lavish vacation in Manila for we haven’t had any communication for 2 years or so, together with another classmate whom I haven’t seen for more than a year.

And that was a whole lot of fun!


Monday, 10 May 2010










It’s been more than a year since I wrote a blog entry for February 2009 (if I’m not mistaken), pointing out details and a little argument whether the automated election will be a reality in 2010 – which is evidently today.

Well, see my archive and look for its tags – I will always remember how I passionately put in words like PCOS in my entry when in fact, I do not have the complete idea how that system works.

Another thing is, I created 3 blog entries on national, political or any other issues that interest me as s partial fulfillment in the subject Computer Journalism.

…Story of a young man…

We were taking our breakfast yesterday beside a convenience store in Alabang, with my two colleagues who were seemed bugging on the whereabouts around the office and that worn-out performance statistics while I, seemed lost and pre-occupied with what’s going on (with my life), carefully planning what would happen after the end of the day – well, let’s say it is all about pondering on things that had happened yesterday and thinking what might happen today.

So I instantly noticed that I was out of place since I was a seat apart and they were the ones who were talking sh*t on statistics of their performance…well, the whole thing was all irrelevant for me though. Until a guy caught my attention who intentionally approached a mannequin fashionably dressed in a sort of cotton-made white long sleeve with light blue green shorts. There was  a bazaar in the middle of that zone  and we’re literally sitting in front of a store. Well, there were two guys in their company ID whom I initially thought of were just roaming around those shops, trying to find “good stuffs” just around the corner

One of these guys, or should I say a man in a white shirt and jeans walked in front of the mannequin, and intentionally looked at the clothes it’s wearing as if it will fit him. Well, I  am not stupid to think that he will purchase the cloth right for himself – of course, he will buy a cloth for a girl – though they were seemed making fun of themselves during the purchasing process and I assumed that his colleague was actually teasing him for purchasing a female dress.

Right at that moment, his actions was quite predictable that he will definitely buy the sleeve for he meticulously looked at it, slightly touched it, and then pays for it. And  the moment he looked and passed his hands on the fabric, I suddenly thought ‘where in the world would a man will buy a cloth for a woman right in the middle of that public venue?’

That view was astonishing! I’ve seen daddys buying clothes for their wives but not in my entire life that I’ve seen a young man purchase a simple-cut fabric for the woman of his dream (presumably). My heart melts at the sight of that incident. Maybe, there is something in this young man that made his actions quite lovely and pleasant to look at….or it could probably an effect of being too sentimental at that moment for me to appreciate that certain kind of action by a young man who just passed at our table. In fact, he just caught my entire attention by him, merely looking at the mannequin and I assume that he is thinking whether that sleeve will fits her girlfriend and that was a lovely act indeed!

It was yesterday that I then realized that I’ve been “graduate” for a year…but the feeling of being a FRESH GRAD HAS NEVER GONE OUT OF ME

Yeah, a graduate for a year!

How ironic things got fall apart yesterday when I (and another college buddy) had remembering, or should I say reminiscing that one memorable day in the 23rd of March where we’re just few among the crowds of graduates, waiting for our names to be called, walk up the stage and got a hand with University faculty to officially acknowledge that we already passed and ready to carry on the Bachelor’s degree (it’s really good to think it though) and where I was yesterday? I assume, exactly on the same time and space that I was attending a training in relation to my BPO job on how should we value your customers – in its strictest sense! It seemed on that day that I should take my life “a little serious” or should I have to take this profession as a real profession. All I can think of it was an ironically sad encounter in my whole life! I was thinking that nothing fruitful or may be meaningful have happened so far since I graduated and paying too much on this thought made me totally pathetic!

And I was wondering up until yesterday afternoon about it –  how many or maybe few of blockmates or batchmates in the same field remember or even got a snap of last year’s ceremony that could’ve changed their lives forever or placed a milestone in their whole academic life….

Feeling miserable is just a choice! And so did I yesterday!

35,000+ Baby names

my name‘ – Solitary (Greek); Advisor (Latin)

Of course, I won’t tell you what my name is…..

I was in Book Sale yesterday when I got a snap at this pocket-book sized compilations of BABY NAMES entitled 35,000+ Baby Names and whoever the author is, where in the world whould he think to write such? Anyway, the book seemed quite weird at first glance, but if you tried to flip some pages and intentionally browse for your name (which I did), you’ll find it really cool though and this may lead your interest to look for your other relatives’ names.

Food for Feb.

Tuesday – mango tartlets
Wednesday – espasol, mais
Thursday – KFC brownies
Friday – ponkan
Saturday – pancit

there were graces at the very first week of Feb.

“one look” for Kjwan

So ‘they’ launched their 3rd concert this past Thursday with the theme: youth governance (quite unsure about it though) and they have Kjwan as one of their invited guest performer during that night. Obviously, the crowd got wild when their frontman, Marc Abaya stepped out in a plain white shirt, jeans and sneakers – well all too good for a rocker like him.

Anyway, I presented myself to pick up the band in Katipunan together with a senior member from my former orgnanization in the university. The route was quite new to me but it wasn’t surprising that we reached Katipunan within a couple of hours. I am totally off traveling for a simple fact that I’ve been doing this since last year and the reason why I opt to have a ride to QC was just to get a “new picture” of the metro – passing C5, Eastwood, Tiendesitas and ADMU – and literally, I never got few minutes of sleep since 7:00 of Wednesday until the following  day.

…and the story must go back to a one wild crowd in front of Kjwan – and Marc himself. The phrase that “girls go crazy” over him was true and they were literally inches away from him and you will feel the energy up above you. And standing at one side of the performance area is enough to have a glimpse of his face and the rest of the guys. No need to go over and be “one of the girls” who were so much excited to see a band with a truly good-looking frontman such as Kjwan.

All that time, I was thinking that a handshake on one afternoon with that musician is truly enough to make my day.

Truly stressful and hesitant to fetch them back to Katipunan, I was convinced out of courtesy…..and the catch is, while we were traveling with these guys back to QC between 10:00 to 11:30 in the evening, it just came out of my mind, ‘s**t! may magazine pala ako ng Inquirer na sila yung cover….

….the thought that I was able to recall such thing right at that very moment was quite funny though….imagine that you’re presently with the band inside that vehicle and traveling, when out of nowhere, you think of something and (wanted to tell them right in their face) that, ‘hey, I was just reading you guys almost a year ago about your favourite books, movies and blah blah blah….and now I’m with you’….(what an unimaginable approach)…too bad, that was the last supplement I got from Inquirer last year because I was too busy reading other stuffs in my room.

ANyway, 2 band members have to be dropped in Market! Market! and one of them was their vocalist and after seeing him walking around, away from the vehicle, all I can think is, ‘ok! so I will never ever see this man again….go ahead, find you way now…..but will truly remember that dull and plain handshake with him on that Thursday afternoon!

Seeing this band perform live did not totally lessen the stress I got this week but nevertheless, I called it a day!

Too bad! I assume this would be the first and the last that I’ll be seeing him (though he looked snob) – but that ordinary handshake was truly memorable!!

Unang Araw Ng Pebrero

I forgot to write….not that I am into trouble….nor lazy to write a draft…..it’s just that I “really” don’t have the time…

It’s been a year….yup, it was on February 1st that we headed down to UP for an “interview”….yeah, an interview! And what the heck! It was a partial fulfillment for our major subject in Developmental Communication since few weeks from that, we’ll be graduating though.

I still vividly remember how pathetic we are at that day, travelling from Diliman to Dasma without any penny except for a mere transportation fee – as in literal na naghi-hiwalay kami ng mga groupmates ko na walang nag-aagahan sa simpleng dahilan na yung iba nag-check in sa UP Hotel at kaming mga na-late ay natulog sa isang apartelle sa QC….kamusta naman ‘yon ‘diba?

ANyway, February 1st the following year and still I am travelling….since then, I think what I’d have to do is ‘to travel’….and head back to what have happened through my own memories…

Feb 2010

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