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twenty ow-nine

It was in January when I have to stay late until 1:00 in the morning (Manila Time) just to take a look at the inauguration of the first African American President of the United States of America – watching big names and personalities march toward that significant venue and see Barack Obama take oath as the new President – taking his slogan with NEW HOPE AND ‘CHANGE WE NEED’

I got three slices of pizza from a local fast food and keep the ‘box’ until now (until 2010)….literally! I don’t know, it never came to me to dispose the box….I just put them on my table with piles of papers, scratch papers and magazines on top

It was in March, officially taking our Bachelor’s degree during the Commencement with TOYM awardee as our guest-speaker, who is also an alumnus of DLSU…however, prior to that main even, I was feeling unwell

By the fourth month, I must say it was the peak of my vacation – A BIG BREAK after four years in the academe. That time, I was thinking, ‘finally! I can lay down and take a rest as much as I want…read books and wll be able to finish the novel I bought in September 2007’
I was also watching MODEL – a sort of documentary of some succesful supermodel such as Giselle, Astrid, Ines and Loneke to name a few

…ON THAT SAME MONTH, I got fever as what I’ve had on the previous month…but while taking a rest, that was the last time I got an opportunity to consistenly watch CASE UNCLOSED….

One day in April, my blockmate and I decided to go to a jobfair without any fix plan on our heads – we just got there, signed and then submitted our resume without thinking too much whether we’ll be hired in the coming weeks or worse, if we have ‘chance’ either

On April 27th, I was able to watch Secret Window, the movie adaptation from Danielle Steel’s book Secret Window, Secret Garden.

By May, I was hardly trying to finish the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (the novel I bought in September 2007) while waiting for even a phone call about the status of my job application. It was a past time indeed whilst waiting for the so-called “luck”, however, I failed! It was a pale and sort of laid-back month for me – I was doing nothing except that I was waiting for my luck and finishing Bronte’s novel.

…It was reported that RECESSION IS ON ITS 18th MONTH


No luck, turned to last resort – I applied online and by the last day of May, I received an invitation for an interview in Eastwood, SCHEDULE: TOMORROW

(wednesday failed and friday passed)

By the first week of June, I passed the interview and then signed the contract the following day (it was Saturday) and eventually, I was happy…I thought ‘grab the chance, this might be the start’….’take this job or you may end up nothing…c’mon it’s hard to find a career these days’….however, they made us wait for a month before we got officially hired. And in between those days, I was busy getting all the requirments which I’m not really serious in pursuing.

The other story is, while waiting for July, which is the start of “our” pre-hire orientation, I applied as a ‘freelance writer’ – the good thing is, it’s an online job! And to tell you honestly, THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST SERIOUS JOB I GOT SINCE THEN. I received a congratulatory note from the Admin and they activate my account.
I officially started my “freelance writing job” by the end of June and SUBMITTED MY FIRST ACADEMIC WRITE -UP BY FIRST WEEK OF JULY in which, shortly after that is our PRE-HIRE ORIENTATION.




Come July and I just see myself attending the PRE-HIRE ORIENTATION and then voila! As they say, the rest was history! You know the feeling when you engaged youself in  a certain activity without that sort of serious commitment, and the only thing that motivates you is–

And then from July – the second half of year 2009 I must say, was all dead! I’ll reapeat: IT’S A LONG BUT SENSIBLE STORY BUT THE WHOLE POINT IS, I AM NOT SERIOUS WITH THE JOB!

I’m sick!  And you know why it feels like dead? Try to go to a job that you not ‘really love’ with your only motivation is salary…

Anyway, I got the money to buy few books and movies….

Before the year closed, I was able to watch DIrty Dancing on ETC (the last Sunday of 2009) – the first time I watch this movie was when I was a senior high school.

I was watching the last news broadcast of CBS Evening News for the year when they made a highlight / recap of some of the important events that made 2009 a significant year. They also shown pictures of important personalities in politics, arts and entertainment who left us and that’s where I heard a famous quotation from Don Hewitt, a former host of 60 Minutes who convincingly says: “It’s just four little words: Tell me a story”


“Lost-Thoughts and Less-Thoughts”

The serious reason why I could not sleep for the past few weeks is because it feels like I am lost – you know what I mean by the word “lost”….right?


I’ve been counting days, months and years starting from 1998 – not that I have replaced those sheeps…not that I am putting myself to miserable situation of doing arithmetic before going to sleep…..nor getting to sentimental and reminisce what have happened in the past, but I just can’t hardly put away myself from those enless pathetic thoughts!

The sad thing is, as I keep on thinking the same things over and over, it feels like I’ll turn into a nervous breakdown and not to a comfortable good night sleep.

Those things are what I called as lost-thoughts – I’m lost but my mind keeps on thinking and thinking as well as imagining and imagining things over and over – when I realized, those are just “less-thoughts”

I’ve been counting how many years have passed since I was in fifth grade and how miserable/great/sad/happy my life was (and maybe the world) in between those years…

It was 1999 and today is the third quarter of 2009 – imagine, a decade of everything! I was in my fifth grade and this year is just a starting year for me to go to a f**** work, plan for my next job, think of what career should I pursue months or years from now, and then voila!

+I have a favourite TV program in a local channel and plugged that it’s their 10th year anniversary – too bad, it was just a dream for me to be part of that team. tsk tsk! You know the feeling when you have your “childhood dream” and certain that you’ll gonna take up this course so that you could be one of them and be like them, and then life took another turn and then you don’t have a clue why you pathetically landed in a situation to which you are now, isn’t it miserable! I once dreamed but didn’t seem to get into that track – but no regrets, really!

I once dreamed, and will continue dreaming and falling out and being rejected and then what’s next?

+plus, I’m planning to resign

It feels like I’ll die few minutes afer feeling miserable thinking all of these non-sense thoughts…..and to be honest, I am all nothing but lost!


I don’t want to leave my September archive with NOTHING as what had happened last year…at least I have a good reason to write something for this month , just like February 1st where I go home without money but less than P70.00 as my transpo fee to get back home to Cavite.

….maybe, I will always remember September 16, 2009 for the sole reason that I got “recognition” for my very first job – and I never expect such thing to happen – it’s a long story though.

That would definitely be a milestone in my life, 100 days before Christmas, out of nowhere and unexpectedly, people smiled and kept on giving you compliments for the job done. Moreover, amidst all of these “sweet words,” I shouldn’t pressure myself to do more or perform better or up to my very best – just take most of the things as how they should’ve been done, period.


This entry is simply a ‘reminisce’ of the past…..
It’s rainy season once again and I can’t help but thinking over and over when about a year ago (I think), I was doing laundry for my school unifrom and deeply thinking about how exciting it would be to officially land in your ‘dream job’ and proudly called youself a “graduate” after battling in the academe for four years with bitter-sweet encounters.

And I guess, it’s been a year passed since I watched a TV documentary and tremendoudly enthused about the incoming “iskolar ng bayan” from all walks of life, facing initial real-life difficulties during enrolment. And how, in about a time, the university “seemed” to be now inclined with the ‘elite’ and ‘upperclassmen’ of the society roaming around the campus. There was an issue there indeed….

And…..all these things and thoughts happened a year ago and it won’t completeley occur for the second time!

However, a lot of people in the whole wide world are hard-core idealistic, I must say. Because I, myself tend to be a BIG TIME IDEALIST even before entering college until the time I attended this once-in-a-lifetime “Commencement Exercise.” Yes, commencement is definitely the beginning….until the time I stepped up the stage, I still have these ideals that I’ll forever stick to. And recently, I came to reallize will those idealisms of mine will bring me into those dreams that I have longed wishing for?

I should write vaguely, period.

Dictionary defines:

ideal – existing . . . in fancy or imagination only; lacking practicality

idealism – the practice of forming ideals or living under their influence

Indeed, I was living under the influence of wide ideals and it was such a big deal (for me) if I should abide into it or would rather resort to realistic circumstances. It seemed to me that I “MUST” do the latter and erased those ideals to a little degree.

I once dreamed to be a  TV dcumentarist but it seems that I was too far away from it – and now it was some sort of fancy indeed! What I’m presently in is into the reality that I won’t get any offer or an entry-level post as a researcher either. On the other hand, I’m still apt to stick into my high school dreams and will rather prepare myself for a number of failure and rejection that will come along the way.

And I will never ever forget those people whom I have known for some years in college where we started creating our very own dreams and plans right inside the academe. I dreamed once with a good friend of mine that we’ll enrol in the Graduate School of Harvard University…while others, I’ve learned that they wanted to enter the field of Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Advertising. My blockmates several times they told me that they wanted to pursue an MA in Journalism while the other wanted to be an AM radio jock in her favorite evening program. I’ve known a few who still wanted to pursue their passion in photography to the point of applying for the post while I knew one blockmate who really wanted to be a writer and the other one, a screen writer. I always believed to those people who wanted to be film makers and be famous for their endless unique ideas. I had a close friend in college who planned to work for United Nations right after graduation. I met these people who still have dreams of working in broadcasting networks even if it meant starting at the bottom. I’ve known several people who wished to work abroad hoping that they will find ways for a decent living. And just recently, a graduate of Management Accounting planned to work briefly in a BPO company for the sole pupose of earning and will later enrol in the Conservatory for Music….he simply wants to be a musical scorer for film….

These were the dreams….and it seemed to me that our dreams tend to lie in the realms of our own ideals with only hopes, prayers and continuous dreaming. But where we ended up?