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Now, I have something to write on my blog.

I was hardly thinking several days ago of what would be the most comfortable and heartfully-driven topic to write about until I finally realize that all of my realisations for the past days were all seemed “worthy” and quite “sensible.”

I scarcely thought of myself to be landed in a call center job nor seen myself applying for such. Yes, I barely thought about it but never settled myself to grab an offer whenever I find myself rejected from all the applications I have made in advertising and production companis. And up to these days, I can’t help but being a little sentimental everytime I visit my so-called Alma Mater – where dreams started to become an almost-reality and a place where everyone crafted his own worldly idealism.

It’s quite sentimental in some sense that I, myself have battled it out in the academe for four fruitful years and only later did I find myself in a BPO company. I’m not underestimating the job itself or in any ways but I was just being sloppy over this matter! You’ve labored and experience d all these hardships for four years, crafted vision for yourself, built dreams and armored yourself with tons of knowledge and there, you found yourself somewhere in a cubicle answering phone calls and customer concerns (not to mention complaints).

And I must say, there was a BIG hesitation rather than frustration….but as I’d like to think these statemets from someone: WALA NA SILANG PAKIALAM…..HINDI NA NILA BUHAY ‘TO, BUHAY NA NATIN ‘TO!

And I would also like to believe that being a school buddy is quite fun and enjoying than commencing an (unexpected) job where you feel (or maybe think) that you’re too old to be young or too young to be old!