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‘a new damn application letter’

It was July 6th when I came to work for the first time after college….(eventually I resigned)…and a year after, I am struggling to write a new damn application letter and constructing such holy crap resume!



I came yester-night with the previous (and very first) company I worked with to accomplish my clearance and the exit interview as well…and the hardest part was…surrendering those “things” that has become part of me during my almost a-year stay at the company…it’s like leaving and surrendering a big part of myself…and at those very moment, you cannot exactly tell how the whole situation felt like…or could it just be something in my thought though.

…it’s like completely saying goodbye to the company and the people I learned to love with…and one of the reasons why I came to work is those people whom I learned to appreciate and understand…and now that I am clearing things up, it feels (until now that I am writing this blog) like you will never ever be ‘able’ to come back or it seems that I should just inhibit myself of thinking and planning to come back and see my colleagues again.

The thought that I am officially surrendering the stuffs that the company had lend me all throughout my stay and that I am parting away from them, it feels like it would take time to accept the whole situation…and as the saying goes, the truth is rarely pure, and never simple.

Can I have a re-take???….

After exiting the room of our trainor, I suddenly thought a little foolish thing: can I have a re-take? Can we do that again?

Oh certainly not! It was just a one-shot, one-experience make or break thing!

I was thinking too much about the assessment until I go to bed, and it took me a long time before I could finally sleep. I was too bothered about the interview that I keep on thinking that I could do much better, I could answer him much better but…..I don’t know! I was eaten maybe either by too much nervousness or by being too relaxed prior to the interview – and I couldn’t handle such thing until we left….

dreamin’ of London?

3 July


While traveling to Quiapo Church 3 weeks ago, we passed by the US Embassy and suddenly think that ‘what if I passed the 2-week work experience in McCann Erickson in UK, is there really a need for an interview with the UK Embassy?’ Well, I partly expect and then it’s nothing to me on the second thought.

All I think at that moment was just it’s like a dream come true for me if ever I will be accepted in their agency. Why? I don’t have any Advertising-related magazines yet and don’t have the money for my trip to UK, and then I feel a little sad about the reality. There was too much expectation while you are aware that reality will not permit that to happen.

While thinking about all those possibilities and impossibilities, I was just looking outside the window of the jeepney where we’re in while feeling too sentimental. Until we passed the Cultural Center of the Philippines, I was trying to erase those thoughts and then rather turned inside the jeepney when out of nowhere, a London sticker in the driver’s area bumped me – it was like a logo, or maybe a British logo representing the country itself. I thought that I was thinking too much of London that is why I suddenly strike with the sticker.

It’s really strange that after an hour or so of traveling, that’s the only time that I was able to notice the London sticker, right where I was thinking of going there some time. And I was just optimistic that it was indeed a sign!