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It's supposed to be Titanic but God turned me into something…

I was 9. The very first Hollywood movie I got into…and I did not understand a word they say…then I fell asleep inside the theatre for I find it painfully boring…and when I woke up, it's the steamy bed scene on the big screen!

I'd love to tell you a story why it's Shakespeare in Love that affected me most in the whole world of finding an entertainment back in grade school. My mom dragged us, along with my older brother to watched the then-talk-of-the-town movie called Titanic. Well, as one may expect, the movie itself is PG 13 and I was just 8. Funny but my mom pleaded thrice to theatre personnel just to let me in as I won't do any harm inside the movie house…unfortunately, the did not!

The following year, my mom casually dragged me again to watched Shakespeare in Love as she was one hell intrigued (but not a fan though) of Shakespeare…and the rest was history. And just recently, I found out some strange twist between the actors who played and are supposed to play in these two movies – Gwyneth Paltrow was the first choice to play Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic but turned down the offer to take the role of Viola De Lesseps in the latter film, which in fact this role was initially offered to Kate Winslet but the denied the offer due to the success of such very dramatic film entitled Titanic.

It's supposed to be Titanic but God rather turned me into something extraordinary and classic that I will forever remember…

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My B-I-G-G-E-S-T Reality Show Ever…

Standing at the Gates of Hell

LOST in HELL – Yeah, this must be the perfect irony for the world being slowly crippling into hell! And we're living in it! You life may be blissful but the world is NOT! Or your life might have been a total mess livin' in the world of hell, which presumably is a win-win situation, You're in fair game dude!

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My Dream Job

Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California

PHOTOJOURNALIST – This won't be a good job at all but a career that I am looking forward to

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A Cliche I Can't Stand….This One SUcks!

Light Shining Through………

MOMENT OF TRUTH – this phrase really irritates me a lot! When I hear someone casually said these words out of the blues, it sucks! It's as if the whole world was stupid for inventing this cliche that people can't get enough of repeating it inconsistently. WHy don't they just remark, "here's the reality!"

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