Break the 2-Liner

And so I think, it requires another 19 years to finally recapture the atmosphere of our old home-sweet-home…

How I deeply wish that I’m still here, feeling the atmosphere of my childhood days!




I should be visiting London by 2012!

Please! Please! Please!

Badly need to be there!

I’ll persevere to equate their London dollars just to be there

Oh! How I love Europe!

Europe! I’ll be there by 2012… be prepared!!




“naglalakad ako nung isang  gabi…..

tapos  nakita ko yung isa kong

classmate no’ng high school…..


gusto ko ulit bumalik sa no’ng 2002….”


….sa dinami-dami ng mag-aaral
sa Komunikasyon, ngayon ko lang
talagang na-realize na isa lang
pala ako sa mga nangangarap!!!….


And it is officially 1 year!

My blog turns 1 today and now, I could comfortably (to the slightest degree) call myself a “personal blogger.”


It would definitely be better to fell short by 13 pts than being turned down by a single mark, in which you’ll eventually know that in whatever circumstances you get in, it all meant FAILURE!


Certified oDesk Professional!



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